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Bring Immersive Science


to Your Kitchen Table!

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Are you excited to start doing hands-on community science in the safety and comfort of your own home? You should be!

Being a steward scientist will always be in, even when school's out. There are lots of fun ways to learn, no classroom required!

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Featured Videos
More Resources
Companion Resources for Videos

Some Student Stewards Science Videos have additional resources, such as Scientific Journals or coloring pages, that go along with the video. Download and print the corresponding documents to learn even more while you watch the video! You'll also find other links to outside resources if you want to keep investigating the topic. (These links are also located in the YouTube video descriptions)

Trout Week

The Parks Foundation participated in the Nevada Department of Wildlife's Trout in the Classroom Program! NDOW provided us with a tank habitat and Rainbow Trout eggs that we were able to observe as they developed, hatched, grew, and eventually were released! Use the resources and videos below to learn about all things trout.


Trout Life Cycle

CA Department of Fish and Wildlife's "A Trout's Life" Activity Book




  Trout Habitats

At Home Learning Resources
At Home Learning

Looking for more fun experiments, activities, games, and crafts to do on your own? Check out the At Home Lessons created by our Naturalist Educators! Just click, download, print, and have fun learning. If you're working on the Washoe County School District Distance Learning packet, you're in for a treat because these lessons go along with those packets!


Nature Journaling

Complements 3-5th Grade - Week 2

3rd-5th Grade Scientific Journal


Investigating the Sky

Complements K-5th - Week 3

K-2nd Grade Scientific Journal

3rd-5th Grade Scientific Journal

Image by Dominik Scythe

Build a Native Bee Hotel

Complements 6th Grade - Week 3

Activity Lesson


Investigating Plants

Complements K-5th Grade - Week 5

K-2nd Grade Scientific Journal


3rd-5th Grade Scientific Journal


Air Pollution Experiment

Complements 6th Grade - Week 5/6

Air Pollution Activity Lesson


Water Cycle in a Bag

Complements 3-5th Grade - Week 4

Eagle Flying

The Motion of Bird Flight

Complements K-2nd Grade - Week 4

Bird Flight Activity Lesson

Motion Scientific Journal


Live Baby, Live:
Life History Strategies Game

Complements 6th Grade - Week 4


Investigating Rocks

Complements K-2nd Grade - Week 6

K-2nd Grade Scientific Journal



Complements 3-5th Grade - Week 6

3rd-5th Grade Scientific Journal

About our Naturalist Educators

All of our Educators:

  • Hold at minimum a bachelor's degree in a STEAM-related field

  • Are passionate about the natural world

  • Are excited to continue sharing their love of science and the outdoors with you at home through video lessons and at-home activities, crafts, experiments, and more!

Looking for even more learning resources for your Elementary Schooler?
out our Junior Naturalists program!
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