Only You Can Toss Your Dogs Poo!

Protecting the Truckee River Watershed

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In addition to the unpleasant experience it creates for park-goers, dog waste poses a significant risk to environmental and human health!


Why should we clean up dog waste? 

  • Every time it rains or snow melts, dog waste is washed away into drains and storm sewers. The waste, full of unhealthy bacteria, flows with the stormwater directly into ponds, lakes, and rivers.

  • In high enough quantities, these bacteria and parasites from dog waste cause bodies of water to become unsafe for human recreation activities like swimming and fishing.

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How Can You Help? 

Get More Stations Near You!


​In 2020 alone, the Doggie Ambassador Project distributed 461,400 dog waste bags. This number nearly doubled from 242,400 waste bags in 2019. 

Each of these bags distributed represents dog waste that was picked up and prevented from washing into the Truckee River watershed!

A gift of $500 will install a new dog waste station, and supply it with 2 years worth of bags! Any amount helps this ongoing project, so please give what you can. The pups thank you in advance! 

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Become A Doggie Ambassador!


The Doggie Ambassador Project comprises 75 waste stations across 45 parks, trails, and open spaces in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County. These numbers continue to grow!​

Become a volunteer today, and help replenish these essential supplies at dog waste stations in your local parks and open spaces! 

Find a Station Near You

Questions? Comments? Concerns? 

Contact Community Engagement Coordinator VISTA, Caroline Stillitano!

Community Partners

Healthy Tails.png

Thank you, Healthy Tails, for your donation of 1,000 Dog Bag Leash Dispensers!

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Thank you, Natural Paws of Galena and the Storm Water Permit Coordinating Committee for your help with repeated donations of dog waste bags for the Doggie Ambassador Project!