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Biodiversity of the Truckee Meadows

What Is Biodiversity and Why Is It Important?

Biodiversity is the occurrence of many different types of plants and animals in an environment. 

Environments that have greater biodiversity are more stable and healthy. Since they have many different types of species, checks and balances are kept and diseases aren't as likely to wipe out a whole ecosystem. Having biodiversity means having a healthy environment that will both be around for years to come and adapt to environmental changes. 

How to Be a Buddy to Biodiversity

Leave Wildlife Alone

Bring binoculars to scout wildlife from a distance to both decrease stress on the animals as well as keep yourself safe from injury or disease!

Don't Feed Wildlife

Wildlife is exactly that: wild. Feeding animals can cause damages like malnutrition and the disruption of ecosystems to increased disease transmission and human-wildlife conflict.

Stay On Paths

Plants don't like getting stepped on! Some species can take decades to grow all for one foot to ruin it all. Staying on designated paths and trails allows the plants and fungi around us to thrive!

Keep Pups Leashed

Keep your dogs on a leash at all times (unless in a specified dog park area). Dogs off leash can approach wildlife that might carry diseases that can infect your canine companion.

Toss Your Dog's Poo

In addition to the unpleasant experience it creates for park-goers, dog waste poses a significant risk to environmental and human health! Always make sure to bag and then throw away your dog's poo.

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