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School Pricing

What is the Student Stewards Program?

The Student Stewards Program is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and standards-based curriculum that uses citizen science and environmental stewardship to get kids excited about the natural world and their local parks.

Parks become learning laboratories where students learn about their environment and collect real data for local and national research projects. This program opens students’ eyes to the value and opportunities that exist in STEM fields and helps prepare them for success in postsecondary education and careers in science.

More information available at the Student Stewards Program webpage.

Who Is Eligible?

By focusing on schools that are near or adjacent to parks (no more than one-mile walking distance), the program eliminates transportation costs.

We can accommodate schools that can transport the students to the park.


The program is available to schools with majority free and reduced lunch populations (50.1% or more) and schools without the majority of students qualifying for free and reduced lunch.

Costs per classroom are described below.

 Free & Reduced Lunch Recipients             Cost per Classroom

         50.1% and above                                            FREE!

         0-50%                                                              $5 per student

*classroom = one class of 35 students or less

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