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Biggest Little Dog Park Pet Mural Gallery

Vent 1 - Complete!

image2 (3).jpeg

North Wall:

Kona, Mochi, Coco, Benson, Gryphon, Winston, Max, Dexy, Benji, Cooper, Max, Henry, Gucci, Otto, Smoky, Ruby, Gus, Megan Curtis Fry, Azure, T.G., Trudy, Gabbi, Baker, Grizzly, Henry, Reno, Ari, Piper, Chicky, Rikki, Grey, Yoshi, Breezy, Kenya, Nico, Taj, Otto von cheddarwurst, Murphy, Wolfie, Spike, Chester, Marley, Chico, & Madison

image1 (7).jpeg

West Wall: 

Sunny, Dooker, Trixie, Fenix, TG, Coco, Chevy, Gucci (lab), Mr. Friendly, Cooper, Jackson, Naomi, Bernie Mac, Zeus, Lucy Lou, Beau, Suzette, Shaggy, Wrenly, Tulee, Charlie, Cooper, Polo, Mina, Sophie,

Bruno, Brandon, Baeley, Bentley, & Bernie

image3 (3).jpeg

East Wall: 

Edde, Buster, Samson, Sophie, Kodi, Shiver, Harley Quinn, Marzipan, Uschi, Perse, Maggie, Taz, Yote, Eddy, Alfie, Echo, Trooper, Maggie Mae, Bear, Roo, Rosie, Stratford, Karl, Callie, Zach the Wonderdog, & Brody

image4 (3).jpeg

South Wall: 

Pepsi, Jerry, Rory, Frank, Clara, Boadie, Mr. Pickles, DeDe, Dahlia, Miss Pomegranate, JoJo, Penny, Daisy, Emma, Clarence, Pippin, Buster, Beanz, Frank, Maggie, Maggie, Jesse, Greg Jr., Princess, Buddy, Maybellene, Daisy Mae, Oly, Divot, Casper, Angie, Copper, Wolfgang, Ludwig, Dillon, Wylie, Jade, Luke, & Snickers.


Vent 2 - Complete!

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