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What is Pollinator Week?

National Pollinator Week started in 2007 when the United States Senate passed a resolution in an effort to protect pollinators.  Since then Pollinator Partnership has initiated and managed Pollinator Week for one week every June.  Check out the resources down below for more information about pollinators and their integral role in our ecosystem.

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What is a pollinator? 

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Resources and Information

Our partner,  Nevada Bugs and Butterflies, is helping us get our pollinator garden started!  They work all year round to educate Nevada about the importance of all insects.  They also have an excellent guide on identifying bees in Nevada which can be found here.

Pollinator Partnership was founded in 1997 and has celebrated Pollinator Week since it started in 2007.  They have been instrumental in preserving the health of pollinators and are an excellent resource for all things pollinator.   They work hard all year round to educate people on the importance of pollinators and what you can do to protect them.  They also have planting guides, found here, for all across the United States and Canada so that you can plant your own pollinator garden!  The planting guide for our region can be found here.

USFWS has a variety of activities found here that children and families can do to learn about pollinators.  They also have resources for educators that can be found here.

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