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English Plantain

Scientific Name:

Plantago lanceolata


Herbaceous Plant


A wide variety of arid-to moist habitats, doing best in open, distrubed areas


Native to Eurasia; widespread around the world


No listed status

This species is


to the Truckee Meadows.


English plantains are edible herbs. They have flowers with both female and male organs at the tip of its stem, where both flowers and seeds cluster together and hold a shape similar to the tip of a pencil. The leaves are narrow and grow in a rosette, each leaf is about one inch wide and no longer than six inches in length.

Fast Facts:

  • English plantains are common, edible plants. However, in order to protect themselves from herbivores, they often produce and release chemicals from their leaves.

  • English plantains are native to Eurasia and were often used by the English as sheep fodder.

  • Fresh leaf juice from English plantains has been used as a fever reducer, meanwhile, when steeped into tea, the leaves are used to combat congestion.

  • English plantains have also been used to reduce inflammation both internally, and externally on skin irritations.



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