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2022 Nevada Transportation, Trails, and Tourism Summit


The 2022 Nevada Transportation, Trails, and Tourism Summit brings together diverse outdoor, transportation, and tourism communities to learn, build relationships, and find solutions to the challenges in developing and elevating active transportation, outdoor recreation, and community collaboration opportunities. The 2022 Summit combines high-impact in-person networking opportunities with conference programming on the important issues of the day including relevant educational content, in-field tours, workshops, and exciting keynote speakers.

Recent years have been challenging, and more Nevadans than ever have turned to the outdoors for recreation, solace, health and fitness. The combination of COVID-19 and other major events has impacted us all, having disproportionate health, economic, and social impacts on communities of color, older adults, and people with disabilities. The public, private and civic sectors are seeking to address these challenges, often with constrained resources and this event creates an ideal forum for cross-cutting and the development of innovative solutions. As we move forward, we must collaborate to systematically erase the existing disparities in health, safety, mobility, and economic prosperity in our communities and in the transportation, tourism, and outdoor sectors.

Sponsorship Information

With your support, the summit will accelerate efforts to:

  • Connect Nevadans of all backgrounds and abilities to active transportation options and the outdoors and increase health equity

  • Empower Nevada communities to grow and flourish through the development of tourism and outdoor recreation partnerships

  • Address the impacts of climate change on outdoor recreation and build climate resilience through sharing of active transportation information

  • Build a culture of environmental and cultural stewardship and healthy recreation

  • Provide an off-street network of trails for recreating and traveling within and between Nevada communities Attract a wide range of visitors that contribute to Nevada’s urban and rural economies

  • Support sustainable entrepreneurship and a thriving transportation economy that reduces economic disparities


Sponsorship Levels

Corporate Sponsor $1,500.00 or above
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Platinum Session Track Sponsor/Vendor $500 - $1499
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Gold Sponsor/Vendor $250- $499
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Silver Sponsor/Vendor $100-$249
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In Kind Sponsor value to exceed $100 in time or support
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Please consider a sponsorship to help make this combined

Summit for Transportation/ Tourism and Trails a quality experience for all attendees


Have an idea that you don’t see here? We welcome new and creative ways to showcase your organization as a summit partner in a way that makes the most sense for your budget and marketing goals. We welcome the opportunity to tailor a sponsorship opportunity around a specific speaker, networking event, or other aspect of the summit. Let’s talk. Contact

Sponsor the 2022 Transportation, Trails and Tourism Summit

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