Parks Project Overview 

Parks Project Goals 


The Truckee Meadows Parks Project will serve as a comprehensive park directory for Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County parks. When completed, this directory will include:

  1. An interactive map of all the parks located in the Truckee Meadows.

  2. Individual park pages with detailed information about the amenities, unique histories, geologic points of interest, and biodiversity found at each park.

  3. Flora and fauna pages with information and photos of wildlife that may be found at any of our local parks.

  4. Community involvement opportunities. Members of the public can submit personal stories/memories and photographs of the parks they have enjoyed (i.e. stories about the zoo and ice ponds at Idlewild Park). Community members can also submit biodiversity sightings of the flora and fauna spotted at each park via iNaturalist.

Inform community members of park amenities, unique histories, and biodiversity specific to each park in the Truckee Meadows.


Inspire a sense of wonder and awe in the biodiversity and shared history found in our parks.


Ensure protection of wildlife by cataloging the biodiversity of each park. Increase a shared sense of place and ownership of parks by sharing personal connections to our parks.

This database is intended to inspire connection, appreciation, and stewardship of Truckee Meadows parks through a shared sense of wonder found within our local parks. This database is not meant to be a strict scientific resource. Please refer to the reference sections for sources to learn more in-depth information.


Historic information and biodiversity research was compiled from a variety of sources including but not limited to: City of Reno, City of Sparks, Washoe County websites, Nevada Historical Society, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and many more. Please see references below each history or biodiversity section to see full list of sources used.

Any questions or concerns can be emailed to

Prior to the parks, and before western invasion, there were "the People." It is very important to acknowledge and learn about the People and the land prior to the existence of the parks in order to gain a better perspective and appreciation for the People, the land, and the parks. The People refer to the three tribes native to this area of the Great Basin: the Numa or Numu (Northern Paiute), the Washeshu (Washoe), and the Newe (Shoshone). Each of these names translates as: "the People."

To learn more about the history, culture, and current events of the three tribes, go to the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony website here!

The Three Tribes:

Indigenous Tribes Map of Truckee Meadows

Protect History at the Parks!

Federal law states that you cannot take, damage, deface, or alter artifacts or archeological objects that are found on public lands. If you find an arrowhead, petroglyphs, or any other archaeological specimens, leave them as they are! This is not only a federal offense, but an offense to the cultural importance of the area. There are also other laws that protect cultural resources: NHPA, NAGPRA and Nevada State Laws. 

"Looting is not a simple case of trespass and petty larceny. It is a major crime...a breach of hallowed ground...and [is] an intentional attempt to steal part of history." 

--Richmond Battlefield Park

Map of Truckee Meadows  Parks





Submission Box:

Document your own plant/animal 

observations from our local parks!

Submit your photos on iNaturalist and help improve the biological information of our parks. 

Click here for our Park of the Week video series!

Park Directory:


Click on a park below to learn more about that park. Parks that are not in blue are coming soon! 

Barbara Bennett Park 
Bicentennial Park 
Brodhead Park 
Canyon Creek Park
Center Creek Park 
City Plaza 
Comstock Park 
Crissie Caughlin Park 
Crystal Lake Park 

Cyan Park
Damonte Ranch Park 
Dick Taylor Memorial Park
Donner Party Park 
Dorothy McAlinden Park 

Double Diamond Park 
Eight Street Parkway 
Evans Park 
Evergreen Park 
Fisherman's Park I 
Fisherman's Park II 
Fulton Corner 
Governor's Bowl Park

City of reno parks

Hilltop Park 

Holcomb Historic Site 
Horizon View Park 
Horseman's Park 
Huffaker Park 

Idlewild Park
Irving Circle Park
Ivan Sack Park 
Jack Tighe Memorial Fields 
Jamaica Park 
John Champion Park 
Lake Park 
Las Brisas Park 
Liston Park 
Lunsford Park 
Manzanita Park 
Mary Gojack Park 
Mayor's Park
McKinley Park 
Melody Lane Park 
Miguel Ribera Park 
Mira Loma Park  

Moana Park and Stadium

Newlands Park 
Northgate Park
Northwest Park 
Oxbow Nature Study Area
Panther Valley Park 
Pat Baker Park 
Peavine Fields 
Pickett Park 
Plumas Park  
Powning Park 
Rainbow Ridge Park 
Raleigh Heights Park 
Reggie Road Exercise Area 

Reno Sports Complex
Riverside Drive Park 
Robinhood Park 
Rotary Centennial Park 
Sage Street Park 
Schiappacasse Park 
Seminary Park 
Sierra Vista Park

Silver Lake Park 

Sky Country Park 
Somersett East Park 
Sterling Village Tot Lot 
Stewart Park 
Summit Ridge Park 
Teglia's Paradise Park 

Terrace Sports Complex
Traner Pool 
Truckee River Whitewater Park 
University Ridge Park
Valleywood Park 
Village Green
Virginia Lake Park 
West Street Plaza 
Wheatland Park 
Whitaker Park 
Wilkinson Park 
Wingfield Park 
Yori Park

Ambrose Park 
Anderson Park 
Arrow Creek Park 
Audrey Harris Park 
Bailey Creek Park 
Bartley Ranch Regional Park 
Besty Caughlin Donnelly Park 
Bowers Mansion Regional Park
Callahan Park 
Cold Springs Park 
Crystal Peak Park 
Davis Creek Regional Park 

Washoe County parks

Desert Winds Park 

Dorostkar Park 
Eagle Canyon Park 
Ellen's Park 
Forest Park 
Galena Creek Regional Park 
Gator Swamp Park 
Golden Valley Park 
Hidden Valley Regional Park
Lazy 5 Regional Park 

Lemmon Valley Horseman's Arena

Lemmon Valley Park 

Lockwood Park
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park
Mayberry Park
Mogul Park 
New Washoe City Park
North Valleys Regional Park 
Pleasant Valley Park 
Rancho San Rafael Regional Park
Rivermount Park 
Saddlehorn Park 
Sierra Rock Park 

Silver Knolls Park 

South Valleys Regional Park
Sun Valley Community Park 
Sun Valley Regional Park 
Swan Lake Nature Study Area
Thomas Creek Park 
Verdi School Park 
Village Center Park
Virginia Foothills Park 
Whites Creek Park & Trailhead
Wilbur D. May Arboretum 
Wilson Commons Park

Aimone Park  
Antelope Ridge Park 
Ardmore Park 
Bandstand Park 
Bitterbrush Park 
Bodega Park 
Burgess Park 
Canyon Hills Park
Church Park 
Cottonwood Park 
Coyote Springs Park 
Deer Park 
Del Cobre Park 

city of sparks parks

Fireburst Future Park 

Fisherman's Park 

Gateway Park 
Glendale Park 
Golden Eagle Regional Park 
Jacinto Park 
Kestrel Park 
Les Hicks Jr. Park 
Lillard Park 
Longford Park 
Maldonado Park 
Oppio Park 
Pagni Ranch Park 

Pah Rah Mountain Park 

Pelican Park 

Poulakidas Park 

Recreation Park

Red Hawk Park 
Rock Park 
Rose Garden Park 
Sage Canyon Park 

Shadow Mountain Sports Complex

Shelly Park 
Silverton Shores Future Park 
Sparks Marina Park 
Sparks Memorial Park 

Tumbleweed Trails Park 

Van Meter Park 

Village Green Park 

Vista View Park 

Wedekind Regional Park 

Whitewater Park at Rock 
Wildcreek Park 
Willowcreek Park 
Woodtrail Park


Additional information on park amenities can be found on Washoe County Health District's website here!

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